Story introduction

In ancient Emma mainland,there was a kind of mango which contained super energy.In order to become stronger,stone-man began to rob rudely.The Mango guard war is triggered at any moment!In the game you will lead heroes with different profession fighters masters pastors and so on,awake the powerful energy in their bodies,let the heroes combine constantly,and evolve into ultimate form of god power!Can they stop the stone-man' s crazy attack,all depend on how will you arrange your fighters!Attention,a huge wave of stone-man is coming......


Green lump
The lowest level soldier among the stone-man

Frantic brother
Turning into bourock after death to stop placing heroes.

Bomb tower head
Turning into jump springboard after death ,stone-man steps on it to shoot heroes defend behind.

Turning into blood pond after death,stone-man steps on it to add blood.

Mars cannon
Turning to lava after death under under our heroes' feet and hurt them.

Smelly fart can
Turning into fog in the war after death and keeping out players' sight.

Truth brother
The first guy who found mango have mysterious power,each time he always rush front to rob mango,but he is simple-minded,each time the robbing plan will be forced to stop by unmatured consideration.

Oak wild ye
A guy who is crazy for violence with simple-minded and well-developed limbs,desires to taste mango even in his dream.As soon as the robbing plan failed,he will beat the oak madly to vent,people who was hit just was bad luck.

Amazing Breaker soldier
He can move far away without a sound in seconds,action type with calm brain,said didn't interest in mango in mouth,in fact dream of bathing in the mangoes.His dream is robbing all the mangoes,as the wealth for his posterity.

Ancient early ice
The only ruler of glacier for thousands of years,character is cool and ruthless, anything can't escape from his eyes,if someone stops his robbing plan,he will use icicles to attack.

Dementor flower
Corpse flower spits everywhere and still call herself lady,actually she didn't interest in mango at all,just because she is infatuated with Seattle the strong man,so she is willing to become his puppet.It was said that the flower centre is her eyes,if you see it carelessly,your soul will be stolen.

High-spirited aspirant,imagine to strengthen himself by eating mango,and replace the cute beast to rule the whole forest,if animals will not hand over mangoes,he will plant poison Sting in the forest and block all the roads.


Rabbit Pastor

Kindly person who care about everybody,has very strong recovery power.Usually animals will ask her to treat when they get hurt or something else.In the battlefield she can provide physical strength and action power for partners,is the best fighter for prolonged battle.

Bear Fighter

Simple and honest meat shield type hero,good man who accept whatever is requested.But there is something made him angry---once he was tripped heavily by the mango skin which was threw by stone-man,since then he swore to give lessons to the stone-man by himself.

Cat Master

The masters who act quickly,if not authorized by the chief,the arrogant masters are hard to fight with those rude guys. If you can't find them easily, they are probably to hide some quite places to research new fire method. The steady,accurate and cruel fire ball skill are enough to make the hefly guys of Lynx Stone Glacier shake.

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